It’s the Australian way that we as a nation are have always prided ourselves on “punching above our weight” on a worldwide scale. Given our population base and geographical location this has always provided us with challenges not faced in other regions around the globe. We are fiercely competitive, yet a young, diverse and developing nation. Right down to our most treasured assets, for example, the “Australian Dream” of owing a single family home has been an iconic status for us since commencement of housing construction. It is the focal point of all who want their piece of Australia.

Oneconstruct’s focus since our beginning has been the design of highly efficient, cost-effective, idea-driven spaces and using effective innovation were possible. Cost is not the only pre-determining factor in building any dwelling or commercial building, what products used to build are also a major factor. We can manufacture to suit any domestic, commercial and industrial requirement, and deliver an architectural and engineered solution to appease even the most discerning of clientele.

Oneconstruct utilise all available planning and building strategies available on the market today. Our innovative factory built buildings are delivered to site in minimal time, every time. We use the standard method of prefabrication to develop to produce custom made homes, commercial and industrial buildings to meet our client’s needs and requirements. Size is not an issue. Our modules are designed and fabricated to suit any application that confronts us. We can cater for all markets including remote applications, and in fact the further from urban areas the greater the advantage in prefabrication is. Our manufacture cost is a constant, only the transport cost is a variable.

We incorporate the finest and up-to-date manufacturing techniques available, from design, development through to turn-key. We utilise the simple method of block design, easy and effective and available for all markets. Education, accommodation, health, leisure, lifestyle, recreation, office, in fact any application can take advantage of the benefits of constructing with this building methodology.

In Europe for example, modular buildings, whether they be homes, commercial or educational structures, accounts for 70% of the total market. Since 2000, modular manufacture in Australia has grown, but not to the levels seen in Europe and the United States. There is a perception of lack of quality of factory built when comparing to traditional methods, however at Oneconstruct our buildings are comprised of the same material composition and supply chains, and our trade sub-contractors are licenced, fully accredited and fully engaged in the prefabrication process.

Facts show we actually get better productivity inside the factory as everyone enjoys the benefits of working in a totally undercover and fully supervised environment with the infrastructure and comforts of any working site readily available always. Then there is not having to deal with adverse weather delays, security issues with possible loss of materials/stock, and reliability of completion timeframes. As a nation we are driven by technology in regards to appliances and products, and at Oneconstruct we aim to compliment this with innovative design utilising space effectively and efficiently.

Building modular buildings in-house gives us the distinct advantage of completing a project within weeks, not months or years, dependant on the size. While we are busy manufacturing your building for example, all site works are prepared prior in readiness so when your project is complete we deliver to site and place accordingly with a minimum of fuss. We comply with all regulations regarding the physical limits of what is allowed to be shipped on Australian roads. The upmost care is taken in loading and off-loading the modules on arrival to site.

Founded by Vince Cosmai with 15 years’ experience in modular build, Oneconstruct has validated its belief that a cost-effective modern option for the housing and commercial/industrial markets has a truly widespread appeal, and it is this kind of large scale impact we aspire to have on a national level. Private clients requesting individual homes, builders, large developers and even entire communities have expressed interest in modern, prefabricated modular build.

We will continue to nurture these opportunities by becoming intimately involved with not only the design, but also in the engineering of buildings that are attainable by a larger segment of the Australian population.